What does RCD do in a community?

We both preserve existing homes and can produce new housing supply. Each neighborhood needs a unique mix of renovation and in-fill construction.

Why would a community want to employ RCD?

Our affordable community development and facilitation programs are intended to improve the socio-economic status of the members, re-energize neighborhoods, build stronger and stable communities. We can weigh in to assure at-risk homes from deterioration or demolition. We pursue this in ways that advance unique home-buying for members of the community and embrace financing that is loyal to stably placing residents in homes.

Who is in charge once RCD arrives?

We partner with the communities and do commitment for long-term which results in positive and measurable consequences for them and their neighborhoods. This can even include working with decision-makers to simplify regulations for building and small scale development.

Where do the resources come from to revitalize communities?

Our team works as a catalyst to bring together the potential resources along with talent in innovative ways which helps in transforming the landscape of affordable housing and community building. Many municipalities have access to public property that is well-suited for building and development. We are happy to join these local initiatives.