Let's Rebuild

Our organization was founded to assist you on the pathway to prosperity.

Technical Assistance


We provide targeted support to an organization with a development need
or problem.  Under a consulting agreement, your challenges become ours, you are not alone.  We can use different approaches such as;

  • one-on-one consultation,
  • small group facilitation,
  • or through web-based platforms

However we connect, we believe mountains are meant to be climbed, otherwise, spoken to and moved.

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Loans, loan guarantees, and equity investments

We can connect sources of financing or debt for participant projects or businesses which qualify.

Subsequently, the charity connects the participant with a private or government supporter (the guarantor) which assumes the debt obligation of a borrower if that borrower defaults.

In some cases, equity infusions can be made available to a limited spectrum of area businesses.

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Management support

Our team members, contractors, volunteers and partners devote time to review plans, follow up on results and facilitate problem solving with
participants and their teams.

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Workplaces, Markets, and Affordable Housing

Ultimately, the vision and hard work of our clients and others require a place for that vision to reside.  Whether this means a modern and suitable place of work or a safe and convenient home to live and enjoy life...

we want to help the community to rebuild.

Donor Services & Major Gifts

All of the work and ambition that exists in the communities of the Rebatissons target area can only be brought to fruition with a substantial participation by private sector, government, and personal donors.  Allow us to guide your engagement in our community.