BIPOC Builders

Join the movement of builder For Us By Us

We are retail and community service oriented. The goal is to empower revitalization for us and by us local vendors, home owners, and tax payers. Race is important but the primary idea is that community members need ownership in their environment and its repurposing. Let’s challenge the perception of a few leaders and push back in disbelief about the challenge BIPOC folks have in successfully bidding, contracting, and financing self driven projects.

If you are satisfied with the state of the BIPOC building industry, read no more, we cannot see the issue from your eyes. Share our concerns and join a conversation about growing, not just our individual entities but growing the collective industry of idea to brick and mortar decision makers in our ranks, please register to join the on-going conversation.

Rebatissons is a nonprofit developer new to the Louisville landscape, interested in building affordable housing and local storefronts that reinvigorate our neighborhoods with mom and pops and amenities that make life a little brighter in the West End and South End. Build Up the Rundown is a collective conversation and event series we hope to initiate this Spring and keep going for years to come.

Please register: click here to visit our online form. Our first event is conceived as an open conversation with industry leaders in home construction.