As a non-profit real-estate community developing organization, Rebatissons builds and facilitates unprivileged communities in renewal and revitalization, one building at a time with nod to a thousand heart surrounding us.
To achieve this goal, resources are raised from local and national investors for land acquisition, affordable housing and economic development construction, and for innovative programming of these facilities.

According to the NLC’s State of the Cities Report, housing is one of the major concerns faced by most communities today, especially housing supply and affordable housing!

What Do We offer?

Rebatissons offers a range of development and facility programming services for the communities we cater to, enriching their residential and employment needs, increasing their quality of living.

We Build

Development Services

• Formation of the idea, land banking and raising funds
• Packaging of land
• Land and building development
• Operations, marketing and management
• Renovation and preparation

We Brighten

Facility Programming Services

• Event Management and Security
• Value-added Co-working Spaces
• Location Scouting
• Sales and Leasing
• Box Office and Admissions
• Education and Training
• Memberships for Facility Use

We Wrap Around

Service Development

When we enter a community that is blighted or under-served, we want to be a neighbor and a friend.  This requires using our location as a asset in the crafting of top flight services.

  • Vocational training
  • Day care services
  • Healthcare satellite
  • Cultural events
  • Computer labs
  • Community forums


Our Vision

We want to become the premiere brand in affordable living and offer the beautiful resounance of a wind chime on every block. Rebatissons is building safe, healthy and rewarding communities for all people, regardless of their wealth, reflecting their culture and their sense of pride.

By engaging educational opportunities or the workforce, anyone who aspires to live well, should be able to do so. Rebatissons will facilitate this by providing tenants with the environment and neighborhood-based opportunity they need to realize their true potential.

We want to be a premiere landlord in cities and towns across the region, and believe this can be achieved by providing affordable housing and commercial facilities for both urban places and rural spaces. We will call these communities home and our neighbors will call us friends.

Our Mission

We are non-profit developers bringing new value where it is sorely needed. Rebatissons builds teams that can secure private and governmental resources. Rebatissons builds crews that deliver stable, healthy and socially integrated communities. By giving people access to quality, affordable and safe housing, as well as commercial spaces for small or large-scale businesses, we improve our socio-economics in unexpected ways. A rising tide that raises all boats for newly weds, single parents, students, struggling artists, budding entrepenuers, and seniors.

Our Strategy

As Rebatissons thrives to become an impactful non-profit community building organization, we have already started working on the affordable housing and community development projects. Our initial primary target is the urban and rural underprivileged areas in Kentucky and its surroundings.

High-Profile Yet Affordable Community Building
We are a non-profit real estate development company passionate to create a high-profile yet affordable housing and community development projects that set examples for others to follow. Our team has visualized current and future real-estate projects to fulfill the need for affordable housing and commercial spaces within the communities for underprivileged families, students and senior citizens.

Our real-estate community development projects will not just provide shelter but will also provide employment opportunities with a positive and healthy environment to flourish their talents. Our projects will set high-standards of living and community development that will allow people to integrate and expose their talents and become productive members of the society.

Next Steps…

You see the vision, become a part of it!

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